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Dr. Musammet Rasheda Begum
Professor and Head
Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Science

For more than two decades, CVASU has been educating and producing quality graduates who become the asset of the country and lead society. In this connection, the Department of Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences has been contributing to developing the employability skills of the students from a socio-economic perspective. Both teaching and research at the department focus on Rural Sociology, Social Anthropology, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Marketing, Extension, Statistics, and Communicative English. We provide the students with the environment for education and research to be a pioneer – academically, socially, personally, and professionally.


We envision contributing to nation-building through research, higher education, and extension in the livestock and agriculture sector. To fulfill our dream, our goal is (1) to produce socially responsible and competent graduates by providing quality tertiary education, (2) to provide state-of-the-art extension services to the farmers and agripreneurs by conducting need-based research and bringing innovation in the livestock and agriculture sector, and (3) to accelerate rural development through agro-industry development.


I wish a happy, healthy, and fruitful journey towards excellence for all the stakeholders of this department.


Thank you!

 Prof. Dr. Musammet Rasheda Begum



Facilities and Amenities



The department has two laboratories enriched with modern sophisticated equipment to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students.


English Language Lab

This is a highly interactive digital English language laboratory which is a dedicated space for English language learning. Here, students have access to different audio-visual materials for their language development.


Agricultural Economics and Social Sciences Lab 

This lab is designed for small group teaching. This lab has facilities for audio-video presentation and individual research work.

Course summary


Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Communicative English (ENG-101)

Rural Sociology and Anthropology (RSA-101)

Biostatistics (BST- 202)

Livestock Economics and Marketing (LEM-302)

Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management (EBM-401)

Agricultural Extension (AEX-402)


Faculty of Food Science and Technology

Communicative English (ENG-101)

Statistics (STA-302)

Marketing for Food Products and Business Management (MFP-401)

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development (LED-401)

Extension Communication Management (ECM-401)


Faculty of Fisheries

Communicative English (ENG-102)

Statistics (STA-201)

Fisheries Economics (FEC-202)

Rural Sociology (RSO-301)

Agribusiness and Marketing (ABM-302)

Fisheries Extension (FEX-401)





Mohamad Nozrul Islam
Senior Office Asst. Cum-Computer Typist (Upper Grade)

Md. Saifur Rahman
Senior Office Sahayak