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Nahidur Rahman
Department of Food Processing and Engineering
Faculty of Food Science and Technology


Nahidur Rahman joined as a Lecturer in the Department of Food Processing and Engineering, CVASU since November 2023. He obtained his B.Sc. (Hons.) in Food Science and Technology degree in 2019 followed by MS in Food Processing and Engineering degree in 2022 from the same university. He also received extensive training on Research Methodology in Food Science from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia and worked there as a short term scholar.

Prior to joining, Nahidur Rahman served as a trainee consultant (nutriepigenomics) at the Institute of Nutrigenetics (ION), India where he was assigned to study how nutrients or diets affect the epigenome, genetic/DNA testing, as well as gene expression profile associated with nutritional interventions of certain diseases including cancer, type-2-diabetes, heart failure and inflammation. Later, he served in the Food and Nutrition Department, Chittagong Diabetic General Hospital as a technical advisor on recognizing appropriate behavioral-change modifications and dietary approaches for different ages and populations. He also worked as a Research Assistant at the Department of Food Processing and Engineering (CVASU) and the Brac James P Grant School of Public Health and simultaneously participated in developing research projects, experimental setup, travelling to field sites to collect and record data and/or samples according to the specific objectives.

Nahidur Rahman has a strong academic and research background, with multiple globally recognized scientific articles and book chapters published by world’s leading publishers i.e. Springer Nature, BMC, Taylor & Francis Group. He has received multiple scholarships and awards, including the prestigious Prime Minister Gold Medal Award, UGC merit scholarship, Dean's Award, National Science & Technology Fellowship, International Fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation, Recognition of Food Safety Prefect from Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) and FSSAI. As being very young for his profession, he possesses deep interest and pleasure in imparting knowledge, collaborative research work and would welcome any further opportunities to contribute.

Research Interests


•   Lecturer in Food Processing and Engineering, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University from Nov. 28, 2023 to Present

Teaching : Current Courses

Course Name Course Code Department
Food Plants Design, Layout and Management PDL-202 Faculty of Food Science and Technology



Cell Phone:   01795 496578


406, Yusuf Chowdhury Building, 3rd Floor, Department of Food Processing and Engineering,
Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Zakir Hossain Road, Khulshi, Chattogram-4225..

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Educational Qualifications

MS in Food Processing and Engineering

Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU)

Result: Grade: A (3.98 out of 4.00), Class: First Class with Distinction, Rank: 1st Position


B.Sc. (Hons.) in Food Science and Technology

Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (CVASU)

Result: Grade: A (3.93 out of 4.00), Class: First Class with Distinction, Rank: 1st Position

Trainings Received

1. Application Training on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Machine, NextSeq-2000

Institution: Poultry Research and Training Centre (PRTC), CVASU (30-31 January, 2024)

2. Training on "Pedagogy"

Institution: Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), CVASU (30-31 December, 2023)

3. CURHS Autumn Research Internship on Biological and Life Science

Institution: University of Chittagong (19 September – 31 December, 2020 )

4. Training on Statistics and Data Analysis for Research

Institution: CURHS, University of Chittagong (30-31 August, 2020)

5. Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (Internship)

Institution: Institute of Nutrigenetics (ION), India (1 July – 31 July, 2020 )

6. Elementary Food Safety Training & Combat COVID-19

Institution: Food Tech Club, West Bengal, India (1 July – 15 July, 2020 )

7. Training on Phyto-chemistry and Instrumental Analysis

Institution: Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) (1 May – 30 May, 2020 )

8. Training on Quality Control and Unit Operation in Food Industry

Institution: Training Institute for Chemical Industries (30 March – 25 April, 2019)

9. Research Methodology in Food Science (Internship)

Institution: Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia (6 January – 1 February, 2019)


Acedemic Awards


  1. Prime Minister Gold Medal Award 2019
  2. Dean's Award 2019


  1. Fellowship training program in "Household Food Security for Nutrition Wellbeing" at Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand
  2. “University Grants Commissions (UGC) Merit Scholarship-2019”,  UGC, Bangladesh
  3. National Science and Technology Fellowship 2019-2020, Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh
  4. "Yousuf-Zohora Merit Scholarship-2018”, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University


Scientific Publication(s):

1. Rahman, N., Hashem, S., Akther, S. and Jothi, J.S., 2023. Impact of various extraction methods on fatty acid profile, physicochemical properties,u and nutritional quality index of Pangus fish oil. Food Science & Nutrition. (Q1, IF: 3.55)

2. Al Banna, M.H., Disu, T.R., Kundu, S., Ahinkorah, B.O., Brazendale, K., Seidu, A.A., Okyere, J., Rahman, N., Mondal, S., Matubber, B. and Khan, M.S.I., 2021. Factors associated with food safety knowledge and practices among meat handlers in Bangladesh: a cross-sectional study. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 26(1), pp.1-12. (Q1, IF: 4.40)

3. Banna, M.H.A., Al Zaber, A., Rahman, N., Siddique, M.A.M., Siddique, M.A.B., Hagan Jr, J.E., Rifat, M.A., Nsiah-Asamoah, C.N.A., Seidu, A.A., Ahinkorah, B.O. and Khan, M.S.I., 2022. Nutritional value of dry fish in Bangladesh and its potential contribution to addressing malnutrition: a narrative review. Fishes, 7(5), p.240. (Q2, IF: 3.17)

4. Ahmed, T., Rahman, N., Tasfia, R., Farhana, J., Hasan, T. and Sarwar, N., 2022. Effects of Non-Thermal Processing Methods on Physicochemical, Bioactive, and Microbiological Properties of Fresh Pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr.) Juice. Journal of food quality and hazards control. (Q3, IF: 0.90)

5. Das, M., Bhuiyan, AFM. T., Karim, M.H.,  Hossain, M.A., Rob, M.A., Khan, S., Wnaiza, J., Shil, R.C., Hossain, M., Rahman, N., Sharmen, F., Tanni, A.A., Islam, SM. R., Mannan, A., 2023. Antibody responses after COVID-19 vaccination: A cross sectional study among Bangladeshi population. Reviews and Research in Medical Microbiology. (Q4, IF: 0.91)

6. Yeasmin, N., Sarker, B.R., Begum, A., Al Mamun, M.Z.U., Rahman, N., Hossen, M.S., Motalab, M. and Sathee, R.A., 2023. Fortification of Yogurt with Red Dragon Fruit’s (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Peel Powder: Effects on Comprehensive Quality Attributes and Sensory Properties. Turkish Journal of Agriculture-Food Science and Technology, 11(12), pp.2300-2307. 

7. Ahmed, T., Sarwar, N., Rahman, N. and Kauser-Ul-Alam, M., 2022. Formulation, Development and Quality Evaluation of a Fortified Biscuit with Antidiabetic Potential. International Journal of Nutrition Sciences, 7(1), pp.41-49.

8. Jothi, J.S., Rahman, N., Chakraborty, A. and Akther, S., 2021. Prevalence of Tea Consumption among University Students of South-Eastern Region of Bangladesh and Associated Factors. Turkish Journal of Agriculture-Food Science and Technology, 9(8), pp.1357-1361.

9. Rahman, N., Uddin, M.B., Quader, M.F.B. and Bakar, M.A., 2020. Optimization of mixed peels from banana, carrot and apple to develop high fiber biscuit. International Journal of Natural and Social Sciences, 7(1), pp.21-25.

10. Matin, A., Rahman, N., Islam, T. and Ahmed, F.B.H., 2020. Effect of adding coconut milk on the physicochemical, proximate, microbial and sensory attributes of «Dahi». Ukrainian Journal of Food Science, 8(1).

11. Matin, A., Mahmud, F., Akther, S., Rahman, N. and Ahmad, F.B.H., 2020. Appraise the physio-chemical quality of Black Tea available in the local market of Chattogram. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, 8(1).

Book Chapter(s):

1. Rahman, N., Ahmed, T., Alam, M.K.U., Nayik, G.A. and Sarwar, N., 2024. Bitterness in Citrus Fruits: Approaches to Quantify and Reduce the Bitterness. In Citrus Fruits and Juice – Processing and Quality Profiling. Springer Nature (Accepted).

2. Sarwar, N., Ahmed, T., Rahman, N., Nayik, G.A. and Asgari, S., 2023. Industrial Applications of Cereals. In Cereal Grains: Composition, Nutritional Attributes and Potential Applications. CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group (pp. 123-146).