Shiddarta Sankar Chowdhury
Technical officer
Department of Fishing and Post-Harvest Technology
Faculty of Fisheries


Career Objectives:

To achieve high degree of professional excellence by putting continuous efforts and exerting knowledge and skills this will eventually contribute to the achievement of personal and organizational goals.

Personal Attributes:

  1. Organizing & team building capacity,
  2. Hard working, self-driven and change oriented,
  3. Strong communication & Interpersonal skill,
  4. Sharp sense of social responsibility,
  5. Adaptability in any situation.  

Computer Literacy:

  1. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point,
  2. Basic hardware and software usages, 
  3. Internet surfing and trouble shoots etc.

 Hobbies & Interest:

Interest in traveling, reading and listening music.


Educational Qualifications

Master of Science  (M.Sc.)         :  Zoology (1st Class) - 2010,

                National University, Gazipur, Bangladesh

                (Institution:- Govt. City College, Chattogram).


Bachelor of Science (Hon’s)      :  Zoology (2nd Class) - 2009,

                                                          National University, Gazipur, Bangladesh 

                                                          (Institution:- Govt. City College, Chattogram).

Trainings Received

  1. Training completion on “Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020, GCMS Software Operation & Maintenance and Fatty Acid Analysis” of 10 (ten) days duration conducted by Medi Graphic Trading Ltd., Dhaka from April 07, 2019 to April 18, 2019.
  2. Training completion on “HPLC-e2695 (Waters) Hardware, HPLC (Waters) Operate with Empower-3 Software and HPLC Basic Troubleshooting” of 03 (three) days duration conducted by Technoworth Associates Ltd., Dhaka from June 01, 2021 to June 03, 2021.
  3. Training completion on “Amino Acid Analysis by HPLC (Waters)” of 03 (three) days duration conducted by Technoworth Associates Ltd., Dhaka from June 05, 2021 to June 07, 2021.
  4. Training completion on “Day Long Training on Good Laboratory Management Practices” of 01 (one) day duration conducted by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), CVASU dated April 18, 2022.
  5. Training completion on “Method Development and Sample Analysis by GC, GC-MS and HPLC” of 01(one) week duration conducted by Training Institute for Chemical Industries (TICI), Polash, Narsingdi from November 19, 2022 to November 24, 2022.
  6. Training completion on “Fish Sample Collection and Transportation for Active AMR Surveillance” of 02 (two) days duration conducted by Fleming Fund Country Grant to Bangladesh and World Fish was held in Quality Control Laboratory, DoF, Savar, Dhaka from January 24, 2023 to January 25, 2023.


Professional Experience:

  • Technical Officer in Faculty of Fisheries, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University   since 29th December, 2020 to present.
  • Assistant Technical Officer in Faculty of Fisheries, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University   since 27th March, 2016 to 28th December, 2020. 

Working Experience:

  • Able to Protein and Lipid Qualitative Analysis:
    1. Amino Acid analysis by HPLC, 
    2. Fatty Acid analysis by GCMS,
  • Able to Proximate Composition Analysis:
    1. Nitrogen-Protein analysis,
    2. Fat/Lipid content analysis,
    3. Carbohydrate content analysis,
    4. Fiber content analysis,
    5. Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN) analysis,
    6. Moisture content analysis,
    7. Ash content analysis,
  • Able to Microbial Analysis for Pathogenic Bacteria Identification, 
  • Able to Sample Qualitative Analysis:
    1. Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen (TVBN) analysis,
    2. Peroxide Value (POV) analysis.

Able to Operate this instruments:

  1. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Multichannel FLR Detector (2475) and UV Visible Detector (2489) (Model: e2695, Waters Corporation, USA),
  2. Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) (Model: GCMS-QP2020, SHIMADZU, Japan),
  3. Compact Kjeldhal Digestion System (Model: DK 20/26, VELP Scientifica, Italy),
  4. Steam Distillation Unit (Model: UDK 129, VELP Scientifica, Italy),
  5. Automatic Distillation with Titration System (Model: VAPODEST 450, Gerhardt, Germany).
  6. Rotary Evaporator (Model: HS-2005 S-N, Hahnshin S&T Co. Ltd, South Korea),
  7. Digital Soxhlet Apparatus (Model: Food ALYT RD 40, Omnilab, Germany),
  8. Drying Oven (Model: ED 115, BINDER, Germany),
  9. Digital Muffle Furnace (Model: L 9/13, Nabertherm, Germany),
  10. Sonicator /Ultrasonic Bath (Model: 621.06.010, ISOLAB, Germany),
  11. Digital Autoclave (Model: BAVT-302-A, Bio-Lab, Canada),
  12. Freeze Dryer Bench Top (Model: Free Zone 4.5L, Labconco, USA),
  13. Digestion Compact System (Model: MBC-6/N, Raypa, Spain),
  14. Raw Fiber Extractor (Model: FIWE 3, VELP Scientifica, Italy),
  15. Tissue Homogenizer (Model: Bio-Gen Pro 200, Pro Scientific, USA),
  16. Biochemical Analyzer (Model: skyla VB1, Woodley, UK), 
  17. De-ionize Water Plant (Model: LOTW-AΙΙ, Labtron, UK), 
  18. Spray Dryer (Model: SD-Basic, Lab Plant, UK),
  19. Rotary Evaporator (Model: RE100 –Pro, SCILOGEX, USA),
  20. Autoclave (Model: DAC- 60, Human Lab Instrument Co., Korea),
  21. Sterilize Oven /Drying Oven (Model: SLN 115 STD, POL-EKO Aparatura, Poland),
  22. High Speed Centrifuge Machine (max. 18,000 rpm) (Model: Z 326, HERMLE Labortechnik, Germany),
  23. Shaking Incubator (Model: S 1500, Stuart, UK),
  24. Laboratory Incubator (Model: BD 115, BINDER GmbH, Germany),
  25. Centrifuge Machine (max. 6,000 rpm) (Model: Z 206A, HERMLE, Germany).